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Park Reservations

Park Reservations

Are you looking to have a bounce house at a city park? Many of the parks do require you to have proper permits not only for the event but also for your bounce house. Here is where we come in. Orlando Fun Party Rentals is fully insured. Here is the easiest way to insure you’re ready for your park party:

  1. Call Orlando Fun Party Rentals to reserve your Bounce House and give us your chosen park information.
  2. Call the parks and recreation office to reserve your spot and purchase all required permits. Ask them a few questions:
    • Do they require a special permit for Bounce Houses?
    • Do they a supply power or is a generator required?  Orlando Fun Party Rentals does rent generators.
    • Arrive at the park at least one-two hours before event start time to show us your Preferred set up area.

Orlando Fun Party Rentals will not be held responsible if the Bounce House is shut down by park officials for lack of proper permits, no refund will be issued and renters must stay with all equipment until a representative of Orlando Fun Party Rentals returns to pick it up.

Note: Customer must be present at the park at least 1-2 hours before the time of delivery.

Permits: Customer should call the local city Park and Recreation Department to inquire about their rules and regulations prior to placing order. Park permits are required from the customer prior to event date by most parks, some don’t require it, so please check with park officials to make sure. If a permit is required but customer did not obtain it or falsified information, park officials may require the bouncer to be picked up during the event, in which case there will be no refund. All permit copies must be emailed to us at before your event date.

Insurance: Orlando Fun Party Rentals has full liability insurance and delivers to all parks that allow inflatables. Parks require the applicant to acquire additional insurance from Orlando Fun Party Rentals for the bouncer rental. Customer should reserve units approximately 7-10 days before event day to allow time for processing the required insurance certification with the park. For all special paperwork like endorsements or waivers of subrogation, please allow at least 2 week for processing. Additional fees may apply based on insurance paperwork requirements.

Electricity: A 3500 watt generator, or stronger, is required for all inflatables going to a park, unless park facility provides electricity and customer has ensured there will be a dedicated 15 AMP circuit available. Please contact Orlando Fun Party Rentals to make sure you reserve the correct amount of generators. If customer opts to have their own generator, and not rent one from us, than powering the generator and ride will be entirely customer’s responsibility and Orlando Fun Party Rentals will not be held liable if generator does not work or does not provide adequate power. We advise all customers to rent a generator from Orlando Fun Party Rentals so we can make sure there will be sufficient power and no issues.

Water Units: Water units on some cases cannot be setup at a park since a dedicated water supply and water hose are required, something that parks don’t provide for their guests. It is up to the client to ensure that the park selected will allow water units.  Refunds are not given should the water unit happen not to be allowed by the park.