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Inflatables Product & Safety Information

Q: How much room is needed to set up the inflatables?

A: In general, there needs to be a 3-foot buffer around the entire unit. We refer to this as the “Safe Zone”. You can find more information regarding specific dimensions on our Products pages.

Q: How much power is needed?

A: Each unit requires a 110V (standard) outlet. A dedicated outlet is preferred. Each outlet must be located within 100 feet of each unit. Generators may be rented upon request if either of these conditions cannot be met. Some equipment requires more than one electrical hookup. Generators are not included with each rental. They are an additional cost if needed.

Q: What surfaces can bouncers be set up on?

A: Bounce Houses can be set up on grass, gravel, dirt, cement, or asphalt. Please indicate surface type with your reservation. Large slides and other certain equipment must be set up on grass. Please call with any questions. We do not set up equipment on sand.

Q: Can inflatables be set up inside?

A: Yes. The area needs to be large and tall enough to accommodate each inflatable. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Q: Is the Blower included?

A: Yes, the blowers used to pump the inflatables are included in the rental price. All Inflatables are inflated with a fully enclosed blower motor. The blower motor must run continuously. The blower is designed so that no moving parts are exposed. The blower must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet.

Q: Is a Generator Included?

A: No, if you do not have electrical power available at your setup location than you MUST rent a Generator as well. If you do have a Portable Generator and want to use that instead of renting one, you must Contact Us to make sure it will have enough power to support the inflatable/game/concession.

Q: Are your inflatables clean?

A: Yes! All of our units are cleaned before and after every event. We also inspect each unit prior to use, and maintain meticulous inspection records for every piece of equipment. All of our products are fully disinfected and cleaned after every use. We take hygiene very seriously, that is why we fully inflate every product at our warehouse and clean them after they are returned.

Q: Do the inflatables get hot during summer?

A:  Most of our bounce houses are equipped with roofs. However, it may become quite warm in the units during the hot summer months. You may want to try one of our Water Slides during the summer, or use your bouncer in the morning or evening hours.

Q: Is there a cleaning fee?

A: No, not for normal usage. However, if excessive cleaning is needed or if food and other items are left inside, a minimum fee of $50 will be assessed.

Q: How much ice is needed for the Snow Cone machine?

A: Half pound of ice per serving. Example: For 100 servings you will need 50 pounds of ice.

Q: How old are your inflatables?

A: All of our inflatables are fairly new, almost none of our inflatables are more than 4 years old. We always renew our products to make sure they have all of the latest safety features in the industry.

Q: What age groups are the inflatables for?

A: Inflatables are generally good for all ages. Some inflatables are more suited for smaller kids, some more suited for teens or adults. (See Our Inflatables Sizing Chart for Your Reference).

Customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all participants using Orlando Fun Party Rentals products. Therefore, there should be a responsible and mature adult supervising the operation of the units at all times. Safety of all participants in units is the responsibility of the person supervising. All units come with safety instructions (usually located on the front of the unit), which need to be read and understood by any and all people supervising. Participants inside the units SHOULD NOT, AT ANY TIME, be allowed to do anything that is/are prohibited by the safety rules. Blatant disregard of the safety rules may result in physical injuries and/or additional fees for any food, silly string, or items not allowed.

Orlando Fun Party Rentals does provide inflatable attendant service for larger events (Inquire with Us for an additional fee). Attendants will come out and supervise the safety of participants using the inflatable products. However, the responsibility of making children follow attendants guidelines is the adults or parents responsibility.

Q: Are your inflatables and games safe?

A: Yes. All of our inflatables have safety rules near the entrance which must be followed by all users. Our inflatables also have all of the latest safety features that are in the industry.

Q: How safe are bounce houses and/or Inflatables?

A: Our Inflatables are constructed with quality and safety in mind and meet or exceed all federal regulations. All units have ramps or steps to enter or exit unit for safety. Our units are constructed with fire retardant vinyl and mesh. This allows for proper supervision and reduces the chance of entanglement.  Each unit is equipped with non-removable safety rule list.  An Orlando Fun Party Rentals representative will provide an operational check list upon set up of the inflatable. This information is also found in your digital rental agreement.

Q: Do adults need to supervise the bouncers?

A: Yes. An adult needs to supervise each bouncer to ensure each child’s safety. We provide event staffing at an additional cost if requested, based on availability.

Q: Can we use silly string on the bouncers?

A: No!! Silly string ruins vinyl. A minimum $500 replacement fee will apply if silly string stains equipment.

Q: What happens if a product malfunctions?

A: It is rare for a product to malfunction, but if it does happen during your event we recommend you give us a call so we can help access the problem. If it is needed, we will send out a driver or someone from our company to fix the problem or bring a replacement product.


Mostly all concession machine rentals are table top machines and DO NOT come with a table/stand. Customer needs to provide a table or stand. All concession machines come with all the accessories needed for 30 servings. Additional supplies may be purchased at $10 per each (30 servings).  Driver is responsible for instructing customer of the correct operation of the concession machines and customer’s signature of rental agreement is proof of drivers instructions.  Orlando Fun Party Rentals also provides operation instructions on how to use the machines.

Note: Snow Cone machine rental does not include ice cubes and should be provided by the customer (can be purchased from any supermarket). It is recommended to have about 15-20 pounds of cubed ice for every 30 servings.